American Bags Trailers 1 and 2, Starring Robert Nuzzie!!!

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

American Bags is a new movie coming out soon starring Robert Nuzzie, as Loni!!! In this movie, Robert plays a current day crime boss in New York City. Robert is a real TOUGH GUY in this movie!!! Watch the trailer, it is AWESOME!!!

Written By: 2B Entertainment Writer

Robert's Comments:
"It was so much fun working on this project. I had the opportunity to portray Loni, who is pretty much a BAD GUY! It was a lot of fun playing a character that is soooo different from myself in real life. It was extremely challenging, but a wonderful experience. The entire cast in the movie is amazing and directors Michael Wise and Luigi Benvisto were a true pleasure to work with! Please check out the trailer and let me know what you think!"

Written By: Robert Nuzzie


Administrator said...

This looks like it is going to be really entertaining and exciting. Can't wait to see the finished result! Keep up the good work Robert!

Anonymous said...

When does it come out?

ennio marchione said...

Hello everyone, but the film is expected to exit the cinema

Anonymous said...

Do you have an entire script? You should be sure to have your ducks in line just in case. Be ready! I hope you will go far - only one thing to do is work, work, work, and you'll achieve!
Best to you,

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks so interesting, definitely something I would go see! Keep working! I hope everything works out in your favor :)

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for this to be released at the cimema, looking forward to enjoying the whole film. Good luck at the Box Office.