Robert Nuzzie Visiting the Havana Nines Store at Bayside in Miami!!!

Here Robert Nuzzie can be seen visiting the Havana Nines store at Bayside in Miami. He had the opportunity to meet some of the Havana Nines team and see his campaign in the store!!! Havana Nines also has stores in Miami Beach on Ocean Drive, Dolphin Mall, Adventura Mall, St. Thomas, etc. Hope you enjoy the pictures and leave your comments for Robert!!!

American Bags Trailer Featuring Robert Nuzzie as Loni!!!

This is the new trailer for the soon to come movie, American Bags!!! Robert Nuzzie is seen here portraying, Loni, a ruthless crime boss in NYC! Loni will not stop until he gets what he wants, even if that means having to kill a few people in the process. Let us just say that Loni is not the kind of guy you want to upset! Check out the trailer and see for yourself!!! Enjoy and leave your comments for Robert!