Behind the Scenes: Lincoln MKZ Commercial with Robert Nuzzie

Take a look at Lincoln's commercial for their new car the Lincoln MKZ. Robert Nuzzie filmed this commercial last year in Central Park, with American Athlete Sarah Reinertsen. She competed in the 2005 Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii and in the process became the first female leg amputee to complete the race. In 2006 she participated in the Emmy Winning CBS show The Amazing Race.

Here is a Behind the Scenes picture of Robert Nuzzie with Sarah Reinertsen with fellow members of the cast.

Robert Nuzzie On The Cover Of Reigning In The Rancher!!!

Robert Nuzzie on the cover of another romance novel this month!!! This one is title Reigning in the Rancher by Karen Templeton. Robert looks pretty cute in this one. Doesn't he just make such an amazing father? Keep checking back for more on Robert Nuzzie!!!

Written by:
2B Entertainment Writer

Robert's Comments:

"The baby's name was Joseph, and he really was an amazing baby to work with! I think he actually took some liking to me during the shoot for this cover! He never even cried once and seemed right at home. Thanks to everyone who made the cover possible and thanks for the support!"