2B Entertainment's Robert Nuzzie in the Home News Tribune!

Robert Nuzzie talks about his short award winning documentary, Perspective: The Nick Scott Story, in the Home News Tribune on April 24, 2011! Click the picture to read the full article!
Home News Tribune - April 24, 2011

Perspective, directed by Robert Nuzzie, wins the 2011 Arnold Sports Film Festival!

Left to Right: Eddie George, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Scott, Robert Nuzzie, Aubree Marchione, Justin LaDeau

Robert Nuzzie recently added award winning director to his resume! His most recent film, Perspective, won the 2011 Arnold Sports Film Festival for Best Documentary. Perspective is a motivational must see about the life of wheelchair bodybuilder, Nick Scott. Check back soon to see what's next for Robert!


Robert Nuzzie stars in the feature film, The Angel Within.

Inspired by a string of teenage suicides, The Angel Within is about a young woman who attempts suicide, survives, and rediscovers life through an unlikely romance. Robert Nuzzie plays the leading man, Scott, in this influential feature film. Check out The Angel Within's website for the most recent updates!