American Bags Trailers 1 and 2, Starring Robert Nuzzie!!!

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

American Bags is a new movie coming out soon starring Robert Nuzzie, as Loni!!! In this movie, Robert plays a current day crime boss in New York City. Robert is a real TOUGH GUY in this movie!!! Watch the trailer, it is AWESOME!!!

Written By: 2B Entertainment Writer

Robert's Comments:
"It was so much fun working on this project. I had the opportunity to portray Loni, who is pretty much a BAD GUY! It was a lot of fun playing a character that is soooo different from myself in real life. It was extremely challenging, but a wonderful experience. The entire cast in the movie is amazing and directors Michael Wise and Luigi Benvisto were a true pleasure to work with! Please check out the trailer and let me know what you think!"

Written By: Robert Nuzzie

Robert Nuzzie on the Cover of Bases Loaded!!!

Robert Nuzzie is the model on the cover of the recently released book, Bases Loaded!!! This book takes an inside look at the steriod scandal in baseball. It was written by one of the central figures in the scandal, Kirk Radomski, with David Fisher!!! Find this one on the shelves in your local bookstore or order it on Amazon by clicking the link here, Bases Loaded. Keep checking back for more on Robert Nuzzie!!!

Written by: 2B Entertainment Writer

Robert Nuzzie's comments:

It was a really great project to work on!!! It was a pleasure shooting this cover; and I got back in a baseball uniform, which brought back a lot of great childhood memories! I also got to meet and speak with Kirk Radomski! I really enjoyed working with everyone on the project, and I hope you enjoy the final product! Enjoy the book!

Written by:
Robert Nuzzie

Robert Nuzzie is the Hero of Gadis Commercial in Times Square!!!

Check out this commercial starring Robert Nuzzie!!! This commercial is 1 minute and 30 seconds long, and Robert is the Hero of this commercial for the last 30 seconds!!! The whole commercial leads up to Robert!! Robert can be seen here standing shirtless on the roof of a taxi cab in Times Square, NYC playing the bag pipes!!! Everyone in Times Square is rocking out with Robert!!! Great job, Robert!!! Please keep checking back for more!!!

Written by: 2B Entertainment

Robert's Personal Comments:

This was an amazing project to work on! It felt like the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to rock out standing on top of a taxi cab in the middle of Times Square, NYC! Your adrenalin is pumping and everyone in all of Times Square is focused 100% on you; it is definitely a RUSH! I think the Naked Cowboy may have been a little jealous though because we were attracting much more of a crowd than he was! It was really a pleasure working with everyone from Gadis, the supermarket chain in Spain that created the commercial. It is definitely a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. Hope you enjoy!

Written by: Robert Nuzzie

Robert Nuzzie on Lipstick Jungle!!!

Watch Robert Nuzzie on Lipstick Jungle!!! Robert appears here on Episode 206, Chapter Thirteen: The Lyin', The Bitch and The Wardrobe. Robert is the sexy waiter in the tuxedo in this episode. He walks the tray around the room and offers Nico and Shane something to eat, but disregards Nico's question about the other waiters!!! Please keep checking back for more on Robert!!!
Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, Lindsay Price and Robert Buckley star in Lipstick Jungle. You can watch episodes online by visiting NBC's website.

Robert Nuzzie on the Cover of Wedded in a Whirlwind!!!

Robert Nuzzie is on the cover of another romance novel this month! He is seen here doing a little dance with his new bride!!! Hope you enjoy and please keep checking back for more on Robert!!!

Robert Nuzzie in the Feature Bollywood Film, Dostana!!!

With its release in theaters on November 14th, Dostana has been topping the Bollywood charts!!!Robert Nuzzie had an opportunity to work with these young actors and play a couple of featured background roles in the movie! If you get a chance to see it, keep an eye out for him!!!

Robert Nuzzie on Parade Magazine!!!

Robert Nuzzie on the October 19, 2008 release of Parade Magazine! Here he is seen giving the female model a piggy-back ride in an inspirational ad for couples coping with cancer. Please keep checking back for updates on Robert Nuzzie!

Asahi Beer and SAP Billboard with Robert Nuzzie

Robert Nuzzie appears on billboard for Asahi Beer and SAP. Looks like he was having a lot of fun! Keep checking back to see what Robert Nuzzie is working on!

Robert Nuzzie Photo Shoot in Miami

Some final images of Robert Nuzzie's Havana Nines Campaign!!! These were taken on Espanola Way in Miami Beach. Keep checking back for more updates regularly about Robert Nuzzie.

Robert Nuzzie's New Book Cover!!!

Robert Nuzzie is on the cover of another romance novel! This one is titled, A Place Called Home. Check it out in local book stores or click the following link to buy now!

Campaign for Havana Nines Stores

Ill put more pictures as they are released.

Robert Nuzzie on Colombian Coffee Comercial

Take a look at Robert Nuzzie on TV's Colombian coffee commercial!

Robert Nuzzie on CBS soap Guiding Light!

Here are parts of episodes that were aired in November and December of 2007 of the CBS soap Guiding Light.

Robert Nuzzie can be seen behind the speaker in the podium on this video.

On the next video he is seen during the election for mayor. He is an extra on both scenes! Interesting. He is the cameraman in Doris Wolfe's election party and also he is in the room of Buzz's election party.

During the week, expect to see some of his campaigns!

Robert Nuzzie with Miss Louisiana 2008 Michelle Berthelot

This picture is from the Model America Fitness Show in Hollywood, California!

Michelle Berthelot will represent the state of Louisiana in the Miss USA pageant tomorrow Friday April 11th on NBC. Good Luck Michelle!!

Robert Nuzzie on the Cover of Romance Novel

Purchase Silhouettes Romance novel "The Sheik and the Pregnant Bride" now available on eharlequin's website.

Here is a picture of the cover with Robert Nuzzie!

Recent photoshoot by Miami Photographer Daniel Lugo